Metal wall tree

The next, to the world of paint colors, guided us, the coated surfaces meet extra protection is. And this protection is up against the wall, the wood and the metal can be both, This is because our environment is exposed to the external surfaces, are responsible for the degradation of life. However, in order, to create the damage ahead of the protection, definitely need the right paint. It is good that the rusty metal, not sure, that’s good for the beauty of wood.

What kind of paint are recommended for the protection of certain areas?

  • metal: To prevent corrosion, or treating existing rust recommended 2in1 (primer and topcoat) paint application. Figyelem! The metallic paints in most cases fire and explosion hazard!
  •  fára: Definitely should be applied as paint, which provides protection from UV rays, moisture, a hőingás, against frost and pests. However, depending on, that is exposed to the substrate, which impacts, paint can distinguish three types of wood. These thin- a vastaglazúr, and topcoats, which at the same time ensure the naturalness, the beauty and protection.
  • wall: Although we distinguish indoor- within and external walls, each aspect of the case of a joint application easy, the long-term outcome, all of which go, satisfy all the disperse dyes. The advantage though its washability, the former is the disinfectant, but also environmental properties.

If you do not know, what you need to paint, Our colleagues are at your disposal. For both huge product range can be found specifically in the rust metal paint, beauty and grain of the wood accent glaze paints and wall paints is suitable for individual színvilágunknak.

But if you did not find your dream color, take advantage of the possibility of custom color mixing, which is guaranteed to paint a world in itself, which can be found nowhere else in the world!