Skirting plaster

Which gives us the clothes, our buildings in the plaster and paint, thus giving us shoes, In the case of buildings skirting plaster meet, that they deserve the same attention.

Not only our building is bordered by a spectacular street level, but also protect it from the external environment, and reflected the spilled rain. Therefore, the development of a perfect waterproofing pages recommended closed cell, Also, after which the waterproofing resin and quartz sand appear on the decorative plaster, pearl plaster.

Which of our company offers its customers a number of colors in addition to waterproofing plaster skirting.

What we offer to our customers plaster skirting?

  • pearl plaster
  • resin coatings
  • mosaic renderings
  • coarse plaster
  • marble plaster
  • cement plaster
  • stb.

Where applicable even renders the skirting?

  • ash- and decorative interior wall surfaces
  • Columns, pillars and terraces are not accessible surfaces

Good to know, to pay attention to the following aspects and factors during the plinth plaster application:

  • plaster will be applied if the bottom insulation system, should not be too dark in color, This is the future warming may result in unwanted
  • carry out the deposition of stainless tool
  • take care, that should not be footing the freezing point during the drying plaster and exposed to moisture
  • contiguous skirting plaster surfaces only from a single vendor employ.