The construction and renovation work is a very important and time-consuming process, its quality construction ensures long-lasting aesthetics of buildings. However, beyond that of the renderings also perform security functions, such as a barrier layer, protect the internal structures of the harmful effects of moisture. It is therefore extremely important to use the correct renderings.

What renders known?

The two main types can be distinguished plaster, internal- and external plasters, that the properties of the additive- and the binder ratio is determined.

Plaster additives:

  • sand,
  • rock flour,
  • Breakstone,
  • perlit,
  • coloring
  • stb.

Plasters Binders:

  • lime,
  • cement,
  • gypsum,
  • Plastics,
  • stb.

Types of external plaster:

  • a rough layer of plaster,
  • bilayer smooth plaster,
  • stone dust sprayed plaster,
  • fine plaster,
  • Perlite vakolat,
  • plaster plastic additive.

Types of internal plaster:

  • rubbing (ált.híg mortar eg. basement)
  • a rough layer of plaster,
  • a smooth layer of plaster,
  • a smooth layer of cement plaster,
  • bilayer smooth plaster,
  • bilayer smooth cement plaster,
  • bilayer smooth plaster,
  • depositors renders,
  • Perlite vakolatok.

However, not enough to apply the appropriate variety of plaster, as the secret of a good rendering of this beyond ensuring adequate basic. Important, the plastered surface should be flat, clean, but sufficiently rough surface. Absorbent sockets on moisture, moving sockets are necessary to ensure the plaster-term deposits.