Outdoor (facade)

Heritage buildings of the past or even our present and future values propagate, therefore extremely important to the appearance. However, in this case the clothes, but rather the colors dresser, Therefore, special attention should be paid to the outdoor (Facade) Paints.

And this attention to our company also provides, Do you believe in the field of exterior paints and palettes, all paint a huge variety of products are offered to the customers.

However, in the case of exterior paints need to know, in addition to their decorative appearance loaded into the paint protective function, as protection from external environmental factors on the facade surface.

What considerations into account in the selection of exterior paints?

  • Protection: providing primary protection against outside environmental factors. An important aspect of, exterior paints that are water-resistant, because water seeped into the cause incalculable damage to the building structure.
  • Decorate: a well-chosen exterior paint for years to promote your great taste and we can dress our building.

Things to watch out even purchase the paints occasion?

Selected properties of exterior paints, among which the most important is the good moisture holding- and permeability, which is a fundamental requirement for fast drying. Last but not least, you should also pay attention to environmental protection, therefore most suitable for outdoor paint lime paint, with excellent properties of historic buildings also appear.

However, as all this, the lime-based exterior paints also has its drawbacks, Therefore, you can even offer:

  • the dispersion exterior paints,
  • silicate paints the facade
  • and silicon outdoor (facade) paints are.

And all you need to know about for exterior paints: the well-chosen paints not only a rich and long lasting color, but also result in better insulating properties! It is therefore, if you need exterior paint, just look for the quality!

High quality exterior paints available:

  • Polifarbe
  • Trilak
  • Henkel