Interior paints

Experience everyday life in a truly inspiring environment! Pompázzon and home of the most lovely colors for you!

In fact, we sell indoor wall paints all shades of the colors currently available untraceable. Have a fun Smurfs or a charming pink, but may be as bright or just really restrained, also looking for any color, We bought the indoor falfestékekkel dream come true.

What interior paints purchased Synthesis Bau Ltd. to you?

  • single interior paints
  • dispersive indoor paints
  • lime-based paints
  • Bathroom paint
  • light colors
  • containment wall paints
  • semigloss latex interior paints
  • silicate interior wall paints
  • deep primers
  • up- and ceiling paint

What you should know each indoor falfestékekről?

  • Lime Paint: brilliant whiteness not only gives the appearance of perfect clarity, as antiseptic effect is to prevent the growth of mold is. A further advantage, to facilitate the building structure and the walls of the ventilation, solvents and other chemical-free. Disadvantage: water-soluble, Do not wash, applied in several layers.
  • Dispersion Interior Paint: easy, economically used, has excellent opacity, not only durable coating, but also aesthetic, washable with water.
  • Latex festék: solvent, ammonia, Formaldehyde, softener- and odor-free, wash coating- and scrub-resistant, air- and vapor permeable, the natural breathing of the wall does not inhibit.
  • Silicate paint: solvent-free, provides excellent coverage, good vapor permeability, environmentally friendly, washable.

What interior paint brands available in your business?

Our company sells only the highest quality brands products, all of which the home, recognized in both national and international markets. Available to buy including the famous Polifarbe Trilak and interior wall paints, Casati and Henkel.