One of the simplest and most cost-effective solution for converting the interior layout and use of plasterboard, even decorative elements that can felhelyezhetőek.

When I recommended the use of plasterboard?

  • Partitions,
  • ballast walls
  • and ceilings,
  • floors and designing,
  • When decorating
  • stb.

How to apply the plasterboard?

One of the biggest advantages of plasterboard, without the use of a water, Professionally kialakíthatóak the walls. Recording can solve adhesion technique, or állványozással, with the additional advantage, that formed during the heat of the drywall- Soundproofing and also.

How to distinguish between drywall?

  • Drywall Sheet: enter the interior plaster, surrounded by a sheath made cardboard. Thickness: 10-12 mm, board size: variable
  • Gipszrostlap: gypsum and cellulosic fiber sheet comprising a mixture of, heavier and harder than plain plasterboard.
  • Impregnált gipszkarton lap: a special drywall, which will be used in the WC, as well as for shaping curved and arched walls.

How to choose the right drywall?

The most significant aspect of intended use, the required heat- and sound, the moisture uptake, the fire resistance, the formability and flexibility.