Drywall construction

If you renovate, or conversion comes, For almost all of us into one of the primary considerations include cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation and the flashy design. While these requirements may seem like much time, drywall structures compromises are unnecessary.

Because the drywall constructions quickly and easily construction period, be obtained and reasonable price can be painted according to your needs. That is the appropriate fraction of the price of plasterboard structures, well as the walls can be formed in less time, than conventional brickwork.

Where applicable even in the drywall construction?

  • false ceilings
  • plus szigetelésnél
  • reply walls
  • burkolásnál
  • stb.

What are the components we sell drywall constructions?

The individual structures are ready or according to customers’ needs dimensioned:

  • Drywall,
  • gipszrost,
  • impregnated sheets of drywall or give,
  • for you and provide adhesives,
  • profiles,
  • holders,
  • suspend them,
  • The zalokat,
  • screws,
  • washers,
  • insulating elements,
  • stb.