Cold-Hot coating

The renovations will receive the most attention in the cold and the warm covers design, that ratio has changed significantly in recent years. After all, while the ceramic tiles used mostly just for the bathroom, were found in the vicinity restrooms and kitchen, now applied in many areas. That most of the benefits due to, as easy cleaning and improved abrasion resistance.

But the rediscovery of ceramic tiles is not even the warm coverings leáldozását, as a floor design is still a stylish and welcoming home symbolizes.

What products are classified as members of the family of ceramic tiles?

  • Tiles
  • Tiled
  • stone
  • glass mosaic
  • mirror tiles

What elements belong to the class of warm coverings?

  • Parquet
  • laminate flooring
  • carpet
  • cork
  • PVC
  • Resin
  • Drywall

And even though the cold heat flooring fundamentally different from each other, In most cases, unloading / loading method common, since most of the glue and / or be integrated into.

But whichever you choose, our company has professional products and tools within the field of cold and warm lining.

What we offer cold and warm floor covering products for customers?

  • Adhesives
  • Holders
  • Profiles
  • cold flooring
  • hot cladding products
  • Tools
  • accessories
  • etc